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bwNET2020+ for a more powerful and versatile network in Baden-Württemberg

Das Projekt bwNET2020+ soll den Ausbau des Landeshochschulnetzes und die Innovationskraft innerhalb der Universitätsnetze unterstützen, da die Konsolidierung von IT-Diensten an den Universitäten höhere Anforderungen an das zugrundeliegende Netz stellen.

The federal project bwNET2020+ is concerned with the possible further development of BelWÜ, the state university network, as well as campus networks based on efficient and flexible networks. Where sensible and controllable, new technologies are to be introduced step by step for adaptation in a targeted and future-oriented manner.

With a strong focus on use cases that show how concrete first steps towards self-driving networks can be taken in the context of BelWü and campus networks, the teams from network operations and network research work closely together.

The project is funded by the Ministry of Science and Art of Baden-Württemberg and runs from 2020 - 2023.

Project website: bwnet.belwue.de

Contact at SCC: Philipp Wolter