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Shutdown by 1 January 2018: Juniper VPN / Pulse Secure / Junos Pulse / Network Connect
As of now new OpenVPN service for KIT:
http://www.scc.kit.edu/ueberuns/11139.php (only in German)
Installation instructions:

OpenVPN for Linux

For Linux users the OpenVPN solution of the SCC is much better suited. For which instructions can be found here.

Instructions for Juniper VPN for Linux

Short instructions:

You can find detailed install instructions in the INSTALL file, located in the tar.gz archive.

  1. Download the following file:
  2. Open a terminal and navigate to the folder with the downloaded archive. Unpack it with the command:
    • tar -xzvf linux_vpn_8.1R3.2.tar.gz
  3. A directory with the name “juniper_linux” will be created. All necessary files are located in this folder.
  4. Open the folder “juniper_linux” (cd juniper_linux) and enter the command ./vpn-install.sh to install Network Connect (and the Perl script).
  5. Start the VPN connection with the command (sudo) jnc kit (or (sudo) jnc -n kit to start the VPN connection without the graphical user interface (GUI))
  6. Log in with your KIT account (e.g. ab1234 or uxxxx)


  • You may need root access (e.g. sudo jnc kit)
  • On 64 bit systems the graphical user interface (GUI) most likely causes problems . In this case use jnc -n kit to establish a VPN connection without the GUI.
  • The following additional libraries are required on 64 bit systems:  libc6-i386, lib32z1, lib32nss-mdns (see INSTALL file)

The following commands will uninstall Juniper VPN:

  • rm -rf ~/.juniper_networks
  • sudo rm -f /usr/local/bin/jnc

Detailed uninstall instructions can be found in the INSTALL file in the folder "juniper_linux"

Network Connect

The Network Connect VPN client is also available: General background information for Network Connect for Linux