...had begun

and here are some impressions of the first day: some pictures. The 2nd ADSM-Workshop was a great success. 150 participants attended the ADSM-Workshop. Handouts of the speakers are included in this page.

Brief Description

Following the workshop in March 1994, which focused on ADSM Version 1 and
attracted about 80 participants from German ADSM sites, we plan to organize
a second meeting. In this second workshop we can concentrate on the exchange
of experiences gained with ADSM Version 2 and also on general ADSM issues.
The first day of the workshop is intended for general sessions and reports.
On the second day we expect to run parallel sessions, covering the following
issues (and possibly others):
  1. Requirements for Large Sites in Europe (ALES)
  2. Special needs for PC environments (Novell, etc)
  3. Disaster recovery schemes

Key Note Speakers

Call for Papers

We already have offers from the following sites/speakers:



Important note

Starting from the 31st of March, there will be summertime in Germany, i.e.
the time will be put on one hour.


The registration deadline is on the 27st March at 12:00 pm.

Technical Issues