Steinbuch Centre for Computing (SCC)

AMA - Applications, Middleware, IT-Architecture

Modern business processes are based on software. Some of these processes are supported by individual applications, others are based on different software systems. These software systems have ususally been developed at different times on different platforms using different technologies. Thus, in most cases, a heterogeneous IT landscape has evolved. Against this background, automating processes requires the connection and integration of different systems and applications. This trend is also observable in the KIT and is even aggravated due to the heterogeneous nature of a university that is merged with a research center. Therefore, cooperative solutions of all participants of the process are crucial.

The Steinbuch Centre for Computing (SCC) as KIT’s IT service provider has the task to provide integrated IT solutions and services that on the one hand meet the existing conditions and needs, but on the other hand allow for safe and sustainable operation. The Department of Application, Middleware, and IT Architecture (AMA) is responsible for designing, developing and operating such integrative solutions. The spectrum of integration comprises four different facets of integration: persons, processes, portals and providers. These facets of integration target different methods and technologies.

Person integration addresses methods for consistent user management with high fluctuation of employees and students as particular challenges. Process integration focuses on the coupling of services and components to develop seamless technical workflows in order to overcome media discontinuity and allow process automation. Portal integration facilitates integrating users and their interactions through web based dialogs and page flows. Provider integration finally regards interorganizational integration by using federation technologies and protocols. AMA is concerned with all these facets of integration and therefore develops dedicated KIT solutions, operates integration platforms and consults in using them.