All just coincidence? - A look back at the last 120 years and the temperature records there

Since "Fridays for future" at the latest, climate change has been on everyone's lips and is the subject of lively public and political debate. Especially students are engaged in this topic. The media are increasingly talking about temperature records.
But what are records anyway, do they really occur more and more frequently or can their occurrence simply be explained by chance, as some people claim?
We answer this exciting question with scientific methods using real temperature data.

Duration: about 90 minutes
Contents: Handling data, law of large numbers, Laplace probability, path rules, stochastic independence, expected value
Prior knowledge: Probabilities and random experiments, path rules
Participants: upper secondary high school level
Created by: Maren Hattebuhr
Registration: Appointments can be arranged individually by E-Mail.

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