SDL Engineering for Energy and Mobility

High Performance Computing and Data-Driven Research for Engineering Projects in Energy and Mobility

The Simulation and Data Life Cycle Lab (shortly SimDataLab or SDL) "Engineering for Energy and Mobility" is a team of researchers at SCC which works within the strategic framework of the National high-performance computing alliance. The SDL is established to meet the constantly evolving supercomputing and data-research needs of SCC-users in the fields of Energy and Mobility which represent two scientific topics of a high priority for KIT and for its Energy Centrum. 

The main goal of the SDL is to support and strengthen the methodological competence of the engineering community in using supercomputing methods and related data management for research problems in energy and mobility. In order to achieve the above goal, two groups of scientists within SCC will join their expertise - one group with the main background in scientific computing and mathematics and one group with the main focus on data research and data analytics.