Helmholtz Metadata Collaboration Platform

With the Helmholtz Metadata Collaboration Platform, an important topic area of the Helmholtz Incubator "Information & Data Science" was launched at the end of 2019, bringing together the expertise of the Helmholtz Centres and shaping the topic of "Information & Data Science" across the boundaries of Centres and research fields. The overarching goal of the platform is to advance the qualitative enrichment of research data through metadata in the long term, to support researchers - and to implement this in the Helmholtz Association and beyond.

With the work package FAIR Data Commons Technologies, the SCC develops technologies and processes to make research data from the research fields of the Helmholtz Association and beyond available to researchers according to the FAIR principles. On a technical level, this is achieved through uniform access to metadata using standardised interfaces that are based on recommendations and standards adopted by consensus within globally networked research data initiatives, e.g. the Research Data Alliance(RDA). For researchers, these interfaces are made usable through easy-to-use tools, generally applicable processes and recommendations for handling research data in everyday scientific life.

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