Episteme in motion

The Collaborative Research Centre 980 'Episteme in Motion' has been investigating processes of knowledge change in European and non-European cultures from the 3rd millennium BC to around 1750 AD since 2012. Since 2016, the SCC has been supporting the collection of digital evidence for previously unresolved questions through its expertise in modern research data management.
In the subproject Information Infrastructure, SCC develops information technology procedures for data indexing for the investigation and visualization of knowledge movements in long-term traditional pre-modern knowledge stocks using the example of travels of manuscripts, prints as well as coffin and pyramid text sayings. Based on a research data repository, (1) new tools for data analysis, (2) specific vocabulary services and (3) innovative presentation layers will be developed. With the collaboration at three locations (Berlin, Karlsruhe, Darmstadt), the project has a pilot function with regard to the establishment of complex institutional collaborations in the field of research data management.

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