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Projektübersicht (aktuell)
Titel Kurzbeschreibung Ansprechpartner Endtermin Förderung

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In the project "Materialized Holiness" Torah scrolls are studied as an extraordinary codicological, theological and social phenomenon. Unlike, for example, copies of the Bible, the copying of sacred scrolls has been governed by strict regulations since antiquity and is complemented by a rich commentary literature.

Together with experts in Jewish studies, materials research, and the social sciences, we would like to build a digital repository of knowledge that does justice to the complexity of this research subject. Jewish scribal literature with English translations, material analyses, paleographic studies of medieval Torah scrolls, as well as interview and film material on scribes of the present day are to be brought together in a unique collection and examined in an interdisciplinary manner for the first time. In addition, a 'virtual Torah scroll' to be developed will reveal minute paleographic details of the script and its significance in cultural memory.