Discontinuation of older OpenVPN client versions

Since the update of the OpenVPN server to version 2.5 on December 11th 2020 only OpenVPN client versions from 2.4.0 or higher are supported for the VPN access to KIT. Version 2.4.0 was released in December 2016.
Recommendations for action per operating system can be found below.

With the new OpenVPN servers, OpenVPN client version 2.3.x is no longer supported. By discontinuing the older versions, we have the advantage that with the current update, it is not absolutely necessary for the user to exchange the configuration file. People using an OpenVPN client version 2.4.0 or higher don’t have to make any changes. This should be the case for most of the users.


Install the latest version of the OpenVPN client or make sure that version 2.4.x is installed (see the instructions in the video). Alternatively go to the page troubleshooting and look at the OpenVPN log, as indicated there. In the first line you find the used OpenVPN version (see introduction in the video).


Install the latest version from Tunnelblick or rather use Viscosity. In the latest Tunnelblick version normally OpenVPN 2.4 is used. Tunnelblick itself has another version number. You can check in Tunnelblick, that you haven’t set OpenVPN client version 2.3 by accident. You can find this setting in figure 6 in the macOS OpenVPN introduction in the section “Adjust settings”.


Check your version with the command “sudo openvpn –version” in the terminal and update your operating system if applicable. In case you are still using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, you have to update Ubuntu, because there is still version 2.3 included. In Ubuntu 17.04 and newer OpenVPN in version 2.4 is included.


Install the latest version of the app.