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Web services offered at KIT
  • Internet-/Intranet-Websites for KIT-facilities
    A central content management system is available for the presentation of the KIT facilities. These pages are accessible under the URl www.<oe>.kit.edu and must correspond to the corporate web design of KIT.
  • Virtual Webserver
    Virtual servers for special purposes with URLs like abc.<oe>.kit.edu can be set up and operated on the web server cluster of the SCC.
  • Development/Testserver
    The stage servers, which are available to each KIT facility with the use of the central content management system, can be used. Access to these servers can be set up by EDV-officers.
    Alternatively, complete virtual systems (Windows / Linux) can be set up.
  • File Exchange Services
    Services to exchange large files and data.
  • Groupware/Collaboration
    Are offered with Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office Sharepoint.

Personal Homepages in the current form www.rz.uni-karlsruhe.de/~USER/ are no longer supported (please refer Abkündigung der bisherigen persönlichen Homepages)