• Virenschutz Mailserver

  • Anti-Virus Protection for mail servers at KIT

Antivirus service for mail servers of the KIT. The service enables the mail administrators to check in- and outbound-going emails for malwareinfected attachments.

McAfee Security for Microsoft Exchange (MSME)

MSME is a special task antivirus scanner for the Exchange environment. It scans the mail queues and boxes on the mail servers for emails with malicious attachments. MSME is not performing its scans on the host filesystem. For this a regular antivirus programm has to be installed and configured on the Exchange server.

Ii is important, that when using MSME as well as McAfee VirusScan on the same system, that VirusScan is not scanning the mail queues and mail boxes of the exchange environment. Otherwise it can occur, that VirusScan deletes an email with a malicious attachment directly from the mail queue before MSME can scan it and move it in its special quarantine area. This can lead to error reports and could induce malfunctions of the mail server.

Further Information

Further Information for this service is available from the ServiceDesk of the SCC.