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Hartwig Anzt

Hartwig Anzt

Junior Research Group Leader
E-Mailhartwig anztOje5∂kit edu
Junior Research Group Fixed-Point Methods for Numerics at Exascale

Research Area

My research focus is on developing and optimizing numerical methods for efficient high-performance computing. In particular, I am interested in sparse linear algebra, iterative and asynchronous methods, Krylov solvers, preconditioning. The approach I take is based on the idea of re-formulating the problems in terms of fixed-point problems to allow for higher parallelization levels. The implementation of the fixed-point methods typically make heavy use of (data-parallel) batched routines, and possess relaxed synchronization requirements. I also work on fault tolerance, energy efficiency, as well as Multi- and Manycore (GPU) computing.


Major Cooperations

Marc Baboulin, University of Paris-Sud

Jack Dongarra, University of Tennessee

Edmond Chow, Georgia Tech

Moritz Kreutzer, Regional Computer Centre Erlangen

Jens Saak, Max Planck Institute for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems

Enrique S. Quintana-Ortí, University Jaime I

Daniel B. Szyld, Temple University

Thomas Huckle, Technical University of Munich

Gerhard Wellein, Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg


Recent Talks and Publications

Batched Factorization and Inversion Routines for Block-Jacobi Preconditioning on GPUs, Workshop on Batched, Reproducible, and Reduced Precision BLAS 2017, Atlanta

Preconditioning on Parallel and Hybrid Architectures, SIAM CSE 2017, Atlanta

Batched Gauss-Jordan Elimination for Block-Jacobi Preconditioner Generation on GPUs, PMAM 2017, Austin


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