Multiscale materials and biomolecular simulations at Simulation Lab NanoMikro

  • Autor:

    I. Kondov, R. Maul, K. Klenin, M. Brieg, A. Poschlad, A. Bagrets, V. Meded, and S. Bozic

  • Quelle:

    Computational Methods in Science and Engineering: Proceedings of the Workshop SimLabs@KIT, pp. 5-16, Karlsruhe, KIT Scientific Publishing

  • Datum: 2011
  • Recently, the Simulation Lab NanoMikro at Scientific Computing Center (SCC) has been establishedas a connecting link between computing centers and the communities of computational materials scienceand nanoscience. By pooling expertise in high performance computing as well as providing high-levelservices and support, the Simulation Lab has assisted scientific groups in these communities in developmentand deployment of scientific simulation codes. In this proceeding we provide an introduction to SimulationLab NanoMikro and an overview of our topics of research.