Group Policy Management
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Setting Path:
No explanation is available for this setting.
Supported On:
Not available
Data collected on: 04.10.2021 14:31:03
OwnerKIT\Domain Admins
Created28.09.2021 13:41:16
Modified28.09.2021 13:41:16
User Revisions1 (AD), 1 (SYSVOL)
Computer Revisions1 (AD), 1 (SYSVOL)
Unique ID{FC7FEC21-F846-4E00-8AD7-B27B298AA337}
GPO StatusUser settings disabled
LocationEnforcedLink StatusPath

This list only includes links in the domain of the GPO.
Security Filtering
The settings in this GPO can only apply to the following groups, users, and computers:
NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users
These groups and users have the specified permission for this GPO
NameAllowed PermissionsInherited
KIT\Domain AdminsEdit settings, delete, modify securityNo
KIT\Domain ComputersReadNo
KIT\Enterprise AdminsEdit settings, delete, modify securityNo
NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated UsersRead (from Security Filtering)No
NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEMEdit settings, delete, modify securityNo
Computer Configuration (Enabled)
Administrative Templates
Policy definitions (ADMX files) retrieved from the central store.
Windows Components/BitLocker Drive Encryption/Operating System Drives
Allow enhanced PINs for startupEnabled
Choose how BitLocker-protected operating system drives can be recoveredEnabled
Allow data recovery agentEnabled
Configure user storage of BitLocker recovery information:
Allow 48-digit recovery password
Allow 256-bit recovery key
Omit recovery options from the BitLocker setup wizardDisabled
Save BitLocker recovery information to AD DS for operating system drivesEnabled
Configure storage of BitLocker recovery information to AD DS:Store recovery passwords and key packages
Do not enable BitLocker until recovery information is stored to AD DS for operating system drivesEnabled
Enforce drive encryption type on operating system drivesEnabled
Select the encryption type:Used Space Only encryption
Require additional authentication at startupEnabled
Allow BitLocker without a compatible TPM (requires a password or a startup key on a USB flash drive)Disabled
Settings for computers with a TPM:
Configure TPM startup:Allow TPM
Configure TPM startup PIN:Allow startup PIN with TPM
Configure TPM startup key:Allow startup key with TPM
Configure TPM startup key and PIN:Allow startup key and PIN with TPM
User Configuration (Disabled)
No settings defined.