Seminar "Computational Science and Mathematical Methods"

Prof. Dr. Martin Frank

Location: Online Seminar via Microsoft Teams

Time: Wednesday, 11 a.m.

Archive: Seminars from the past can be found here.

Winter Semester 2020/2021

2020-11-25 Alexander Jesser (SCC-SCM)

Neutron Transport Simulations for Radioactive Waste Characterization

2020-12-02 1) Dr. Yun Long (SCC-SCM)

Research on Hydraulics in Pumps and Future Research on Thermal Performances of Molten Salt Receivers

  2) Stephanie Hofmann (SCC-SCM)

Using stochastic Language Models for word predictions - Workshop for pupils

2020-12-09 1) Maqsood Rajput (SCC-SCM)

Uncertainty quantification in climate models for ozone

  2) Steffen Schotthöfer (IANM-CSMM)

Hybrid machine learning and numerical methods for radiative transport equations

2020-12-16 1) Alexandra Walter (SCC-SCM)

Human rules - AI brains: Automated CTV delineation for head and neck cancers

  2) Pia Stammer (SCC-SCM)

Mathematics and uncertainties in particle therapy

2021-01-20 Kirsten Wohak (SCC-SCM)

Interactive teaching and learning materials for the mathematics of inverse problems

2021-01-27 1) Jannick Wolters (SCC-SCM)

Sparse PGNAA measurement reconstruction

  2) Sarah Schönbrodt (SCC-SCM)

Recommender Systems, the Netflix Challenge, and an interactive workshop for high-school students

2021-02-03 Gayatri Čaklović (FZJ/CSMM)

Paralpha: a parallel-in-time and space PDE solver

2021-02-10 Tvrtko Dorešić (RWTH Aachen/CSMM)

Global Weak Solution for the Landau-Lifshitz-Vlasov-Maxwell System

2021-02-17 Jonas Kusch (SCC-SCM)

Ray-effect mitigation techniques for radiation transport