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The service descriptions are being translated at the moment

If there´s no English information available please use the German counterpart. We are working on the English translations right now and we apologize for any inconvenience.

User account (password)
Benutzerkonto (Account, Passwort)
Through the Guest and Partner Administration (GuP), the organizational units of KIT can provide their partners with the accounts and services necessary for cooperation. The GuP is an application in the SAP Web Portal.
Benutzerkonto (Account, Passwort)
For all KIT employees, the KIT user account, also known as the KIT account, is the basis for many IT services that users in the KIT network require. 
It provides access to systems and services and is generally used as a "login" in the KIT environment.
Benutzerkonto (Account, Passwort)
A KIT service account is used to uniquely identify a service in the IT environment of an organizational unit (OU).
For this purpose, the OU administrator / ITB requests a neutral service account for a service under which this service can then be executed.
Benutzerkonto (Account, Passwort)
The Shibboleth Identity Provider offers authentication and authorization with Single Sign On of users for participating service providers.