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Version 2018 October Contact persons / Cross-sectional Tasks Board of Directors Scientific Data Management Client-Management and Communication Services Networks and Telecommunikation Scientific Computing und Simulation Applications, Middle- ware and IT Architecture Systems and Servers Junior Research Group Multiscale Biomolecular Simulation IT-Security and Service-Management Research Group Management of Complex IT-Systems Research Group Distri- buted and Parallel High Performance Systems Finances and Administration Office Management L: Dr. Andreas Heiss L: Dr. Torsten Antoni L: Ulrich Weiß L: Reinhard Strebler L: Klaus Scheibenberger L: Andreas Lorenz L: Dr. Alexander Schug L: Prof. Dr. B. Neumair L: Prof. Dr. A. Streit Steinbuch Centre for Computing Kira Göbbels Public Relations Achim Grindler Prof. Dr. Bernhard Neumair (ED) Prof. Dr. Achim Streit L: Dr. Olaf Schneider Junior Research Group Fixed-Point Methods for Numerics at Exascale Prof. Dr. Martin Frank Dr. Martin Nußbaumer Information Systems Organisation and operative Resources L: Gerald Helck Information Systems Studies and Teaching L: Philip Hoyer L: Leader KL: Provisional Leader : Devision / Research Group : Role Digital Information Management Axel Maurer Research Group Com- putational Science and Mathematical Methods L: Prof. Dr. M. Frank Anja Müller Karin Schäufele Data Exploitation Methods L: Dr. Rainer Stotzka L: Sabine Düsenberg L: Dr. Hartwig Anzt