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About us
Forschungsfelder HPC und Grids
Research area HPC and Grids

The Steinbuch Centre for Computing (SCC) was founded on 1st January 2008 within the framework of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), and is the information technology centre of KIT. It has been emanating from the merger of the Computing Centre of Karlsruhe University and the Institute of Scientific Computing of the Research Centre Karlsruhe. The name “Steinbuch Centre for Computing" recalls the Karlsruhe computer scientist Karl Steinbuch who introduced in 1954 the term “informatics” into the German language.

Science for services – services for science

The activities of SCC comprise the classical and specific tasks of a modern IT service centre in science as well as own research and developments aiming particularly at a permanent and innovative optimisation of the IT services. Both fields are established under one roof in order to achieve a maximum efficiency and quality. Research and developments focus especially on IT management, web engineering, service-oriented architectures, distributed systems, and process integration.

International visibility in HPC, DIC, and secure IT federations

SCC stands for internationally visible research, development and innovation in the fields of high performance computing (HPC), data intensive computing (DIC), and secure IT federations. As part of these activities SCC cooperates with partners from science and industry in Europe and beyond. Also at a federal-state and national level SCC plays in these areas a leading role, for example in the Helmholtz Association and the Gauß-Allianz.

SCC’s research focuses on scientific computing, modelling and simulation, data analysis, grids, and cloud computing. Other priorities are cluster computing, innovative network technologies, IT security, and virtualisation.
SCC operates very powerful HPC systems, among others the high performance computer of the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg, being used by regional and federal scientists from academia and industry for computationally intensive projects. In this context SCC’s simulation laboratories (SimLabs) form the interfaces between users and providers. Main task of the SimLabs is above all to enhance software for an efficient use of supercomputers and distributed systems in interdisciplinary research and development.

By the Large Scale Data Facility SCC has realised an innovative concept for storage, administration, archiving, and analysis of scientific data. LSDF supports the complete data life cycle and is available to all scientific disciplines.
SCC is also location of the Grid Computing Centre Karlsruhe (GridKa) Karlsruhe (GridKa) – one of eleven tier-1 centres worldwide – being responsible for the storage and analysis of a significant part of data from the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) experiments at CERN.

Wide range of services

SCC offers a wide range of reliable IT services based on a secure and highly available infrastructure, and takes a significant part in the development of ubiquitous, process-integrated, and customer-oriented services. SCC’s task is to further and manage digital information processing and communication technology at KIT in collaboration with the organisational units on the basis of a cooperative supply concept. This includes among others:

  • Operation and management of the systems under its responsibility and the KIT-wide communication network
  • Advice and support in operation and use of the information processing systems, communication networks as well as computer programs and applications
  • Planning and coordination, management of the information processing infrastructure at KIT
  • Technical supervision of all information and communication systems at KIT.

Another task is the promotion of research, teaching, study, further education and administration. This is realised by excellent IT services, competent support in research, development and innovation projects as well as by contribution to teaching and study.