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Mail Delivery at KIT

There are two official mail servers (SMTP) at the KIT for sending e-mails:

smtp.kit.edu and smarthost.kit.edu



User with the usual end devices (desktop, laptop, mobile phone) should usually use smtp.kit.edu;
our Autoconfig mechanisms also configure only smtp.kit.edu.

For detailed usage instructions, see Using the KIT Mailbox.



smarthost.kit.edu is for the rest such as servers, multifunction office devices, applicances / blackboxes as well as components such as RAID controllers. These devices are often characterized by highly restricted configuration possibilities.

smarthost.kit.edu  is therefore accessible from the KIT network without restriction and registration on port 25. STARTTLS is optionally supported.

Please make sure that the sender's address and (if possible) the recipient's address can receive e-mail. Otherwise undeliverable messages will be deleted.

Note for users of external mailserver: Port 25 is blocked from the KIT network to the outside to prevent the recurring mail from the SPAM to the outside. Quasi all operators of SMTP servers additionally offer Message Submission (Port 587 with STARTTLS) or SMTPS (Port 465 with TLS).


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact mailhost-team∂scc.kit.edu.