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VirusScan / Endpoint Security for Mac


The latest version of the McAfee "VirusScan for Mac" software is version 9.8.
Attention: The version 9.2 has been declared end-of-life with the end of September 2016 and is no longer available for downloading.

The new McAfee virusscan software "Endpoint Security for Mac" is available for MacOS X 10.11 and higher. This virusscanner is the only one that is supported on macOS X 10.13.
Attention: When installing Endpoint Security for Mac the program offers three additional modules: the Threat-Prevention module (the actual virus scanner), the Firewall module and the Web Control module. At the moment only the Threat Prevention module and the Web Control module are to be installed (please deselect the Firewall module). Currently the applicability of the Firewall module is evaluated for the KIT. Installed Firewall modules will be deinstalled automatically on managed systems, unless otherwise directed by the responsible IT administrator.

Supported operating systems

  • VirusScan for Mac 9.8: Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10 and 10.11
  • Endpoint Security for Mac 10.5: macOS X 10.11 and higher (including 10.14)

The antivirus software has to be installed with administrator rights. Furthermore other antivirus software has to be uninstalled beforehand and the system should then be rebooted.
Additional information regarding installation and usage of Endpoint Security for Mac is available on the McAfee website.


VirusScan for Mac 9.8

Endpoint Security for Mac 10.5


It is strongly recommended to keep the antivirus software at the current patch level. Among other things patches can improve the compatibility (especially for newer versions of MacOS), fix security issues, and improve scan performance.

Hotfixes for VirusScan 9.8

Hotfixe for Endpoint Security for Mac 10.5

  • Currently no patches or Hotfixes