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Networks and telecommunication

Access to the network is one of the main prerequisites for admission to information and communication today. A stable, functional and convenient network infrastructure is the basis for effective work of scientists, staff, students and external and internal users. The department NET headed by Reinhard Strebler supplies the entire KIT with IP connectivity, runs the entire network infrastructure with active components such as routers and switches and the passive components like copper and fiber cabling. Beside the wired network NET is providing the wireless network of KIT and offers users a high degree of mobility. For access from the Internet or from home via DSL appropriate remote access solutions are offered. In addition, many network-related services such as DNS, NTP, DHCP, RADIUS, etc. are offered. Another focus of the department are telecommunication services. NET provides a multi-casting and streaming capable network infrastructure, established integrated value-added services for the future integration of voice and data services by establishing class of service in the network. This allows for application dependent classification of traffic as background, best effort, video, voice and prioritized management. The round-the-clock operation of the department will provide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the technical readiness and redundancy.

Head of department
Name Tel. E-Mail
klaus scheibenbergerYle8∂kit edu

Deputy head of department
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klara mallTet7∂kit edu

Name Tel. E-Mail
ingo fesenbeckRce0∂kit edu
wilhelm friesJop3∂kit edu
bruno hoeftAmc2∂kit edu
helmut inhoffJdb6∂kit edu
klara mallVqn7∂kit edu
benedikt neufferZpj6∂kit edu
daniel thomeCwy4∂kit edu
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