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Scientific Computing and Simulation

The Department of Scientific Computing and Simulation (SCS) provides the scientists at KIT with a variety of infrastructures and services relating to High Performance Computing (HPC). These task is considered as an integrated service that takes into account all aspects of scientific computing and the use of technical scientific applications. The service spectrum ranges from the operation of various high performance computing and high performance file systems via the provision of comprehensive basic software, including compilers, libraries, debuggers and batch systems, up to a broad range of application software for a variety of technical and scientific areas as well as the application-specific user support and training.

The high-performance computers for research purposes ForHLR operated by SCS is a tier-2 class system nationally available for research projects. In addition, SCS performs services for all universities of Baden-Württemberg in the context of the bwHPC concept – among others, SCS is operating the bwUniCluster as system for basic provision with HPC resources at the tier-3 level.

The Simulation Laboratories (SimLabs) address interdisciplinary research and development, particularly the improvement of scientific application software for the efficient use of supercomputers and distributed systems. In close collaboration with disciplinary scientific groups the SimLabs are making their own contributions in several application areas of scientific computing.

Head of department
Name Tel. E-Mail
jennifer schroeterFfu8∂kit edu

Deputy head of department
Name Tel. E-Mail
ivan kondovZgp1∂kit edu

Name Tel. E-Mail
robert barthelHxh5∂kit edu
marco berghoffCgy4∂kit edu
camminadyHxx1∂kit edu
hazan daglayanDbo4∂kit edu
jordan denevNfd4∂kit edu
philipp hambergerBwk3∂kit edu
hattebuhrRxy9∂kit edu
ole kirnerCdq5∂kit edu
ivan kondovBzv0∂kit edu
jonas kuschWse3∂kit edu
roland laiferVwa3∂kit edu
rolf mayerVtc5∂kit edu
holger obermaierMpj2∂kit edu
nikolai pfistererVou9∂kit edu
daniela piccioniMoi5∂kit edu
simon raffeinerJmv5∂kit edu
pascal richterPiy4∂kit edu
siegfried schmittRpe8∂kit edu
olaf schneiderFet7∂kit edu
sarah schoenbrodtQnt2∂kit edu
mehmet soysalAje6∂kit edu
ngan tuTil3∂kit edu
richard walterTen0∂kit edu
helene weberYgb4∂kit edu
michael weimerCzb7∂kit edu
wohakIun3∂kit edu
woltersQmc5∂kit edu
tianbai xiaoYud1∂kit edu
thorsten zirwesEba0∂kit edu
nicole ovambeLub4∂kit edu
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