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The service descriptions are being translated at the moment

If there´s no English information available please use the German counterpart. We are working on the English translations right now and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Collaboration (groupware)
Hilfe & Support
The ticket system of the SCC is used to record and process all requests to the SCC. In addition, organizational units of the KIT (OU) can use the SCC ticket system to manage OU-specific support processes.
Lehr- und Lernsysteme
Video conference for oral examinations

PILOT PHASE: For conducting oral examinations via video conference, KIT hosts the web application Jitsi Meet. Apart from a suitable web browser, no other software needs to be installed. The KIT recommends the use of this service for conducting oral examinations via video conference.

Software (SW-Shop, Lizenzen)
The easy-to-use, collaborative, online LaTeX editor Overleaf is available to all KIT employees and students. This software is a cloud service at overleaf.com. A portal has been set up for the KIT: www.overleaf.com/edu/kit
Webauftritte (Homepage, Domain)
The SCC is running the web content management system Open Text Website Management (formerly RedDot) for websites of KIT institutions. The term Content Management System (CMS) describes systems that allow the separation of editorial content, i.e. texts and images, and their presentation in the form of a layout and navigation structure.

The CMS Open Text Website Management enables easy creation and editing of web pages without programming knowledge and provides templates (standard frames) for this purpose. The templates can be changed in parts and thus form an individual appearance in KIT's corporate design.

Zusammenarbeit (Groupware)
Instant Messaging Service, based on XMPP (Jabber)
Zusammenarbeit (Groupware)
With KIT team sites you can share information over a web-based platform at KIT.EDU 
Zusammenarbeit (Groupware)
Microsoft Teams is a cloud platform that combines chat, meetings, video conferencing, notes, collaborative file editing and sharing, and to-do's. This supports teamwork, even with colleagues working from home office.

The SCC provides this platform as a collaborative tool (in the context of the Corona crisis) for each KIT employee using its own KIT account.
Zusammenarbeit (Groupware)
Video conferencing service, e.g. to browse documents online with research colleagues or project partners or to hold courses with a partner institute at a national or international level.