Application forms for the User Portal (UP)

The User Portal (UP) is available to KIT employees (except auxiliary staff) via their KIT account and second factor (token). The functionalities of the ESS (at least retrieving salary statements and changing personal data) are automatically available to all employees without application.

An email to the service desk(servicedesk∂ is sufficient to obtain authorization to enter person days.

However, access to other applications in the portal must be requested:

  • Application form for authorizations to create shopping carts, correct signing of invoices and guest and partner management: K_SCC_IOR_AN_01_08-23.pdf
  • Request form for authorization to approve transactions (procurement transactions/purchasing carts/orders, supplier invoices, services and person days): K_SCC_IOR_AN_02_08-23.pdf
  • Application form for authorizations in reporting (SAP BW): K_SCC_IOR_AN_03_05-23.pdf

The corresponding application must be signed by the OU management and sent to sap-benutzerverwaltung∂ Sending the application form in anemail signed by the OU management replaces the signature.

Access to the user portal is automatically blocked at the end of the employment relationship.

Please note that authorizations are not automatically adjusted when changing within the KIT. Applications must be submitted by the respective OU both for the deletion of existing authorizations and for the assignment of new ones.

Note: Authorizations for the ESS/MSS cannot be applied for using these forms. Please contact ess-service∂