• Grid Monitoring Services

  • At the moment the external monitoring of our Tier-1 centre is done with CERN's Service Availability Monitoring (SAM). SAM is a framework for the monitoring of production and pre-production grid sites.

General Description

The Service Availability Monitoring framework SAM provides monitoring information of Grid services from a user perspective. SAM consists of a set of probes which are submitted at regular intervals, a database to store the results and Web portal at http://grid-monitoring.cern.ch/myegi/ that allows for display and query. Only users with valid Grid certificates can view the pages. In addition, access is granted based on IP-address. Several configuration and customization options are available and, instead of cookies, the portal will remember the user's settings from the respective certificate subject DN.
GridKa specific results of the latest SAM tests are displayed at the public GridKa monitoring web page under http://www.gridka.de/monitoring.