• Jupyter for HPC access

  • Users can access the HPC resources operated by the SCC via Jupyter. All that is required is a web browser. Within the web application, source code of different programming languages can be edited and executed and calculations can be visualized interactively. In addition to tools for documentation, various user interfaces and terminals are available.

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Jupyter is a web application, central component of Jupyter is the Jupyter Notebook. This is a document that can simultaneously contain formatted continuous text, executable code sections and (interactive) visualizations (image, sound, video, 3D views).

The Jupyter notebooks are executed in an interactive session on the compute nodes of the respective cluster. Access is made through any web browser. Data is processed and visualized on the server and thus does not need to be transmitted over the network. Only the resulting text, image, sound and video data are transmitted. Starting point of a Jupyter session is the HOME directory of the user on the respective cluster.

Detailed documentation for users can be found at wiki.bwhpc.de/e/Jupyter_am_SCC


Organizational requirements

Necessary is an access authorization (bwIDM account with HPC entitlement) to the HPC systems of the SCC.

Technical requirements

  • Access to the Internet
  • Web browser