• Zoom accounts

  • This service provides students and teachers at KIT with the Zoom accounts they need for online teaching. The SCC does not operate a Zoom instance. Please note the information in this service description.


Through this service, SCC enables KIT faculty and students to access Zoom events with a valid KIT account.
Before the use of the KIT account in Zoom is possible, users must be registered in the list of authorized licensees and have agreed to the data privacy agreement in the Self-Service Portal (see Organizational and Technical Requirements).

Included services

  • Support for questions regarding the activation and authentication problems of KIT accounts with Zoom access.
  • Unterstützung bei Fragen zur Freischaltung und Authentifizierungsproblemen von KIT-Konten beim Zoom-Zugang

Services not included

  • Operation of a Zoom instance
  • Support for questions about the use of Zoom
Zoom application support

Please contact ZML or CSE if you have questions about sessions with Zoom

Here you will find helpful information from ZML/CSE regarding the zoom usage, which may already help you:

Organizational requirements

Technical requirements