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Data management

The SCC offers you a rounded portfolio for storage and backup of your data.

For the storage and administration of structured data we support centrally the database systems Oracle, SQL-Server and MySQL. We also use the Action Request System Remedy to manage records and workflow applications.

For data protection i.e. backup, we provide application-specific solutions. For backups of laptops and desktop computers an easy-to-use client is available. Server systems, databases and large data volumes are preferably secured with IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM).

For long-term archiving of data (i.e. bit preservation), please use the bwDataArchive service.

Data (storage, sharing, management)
Daten (Speichern, Teilen, Verwalten)
Backing up Data
The data protection services include backup and archiving of data. When backing up, you create a copy of your current data. The copy serves as data protection in case of accidental deletion or hardware failure.

Archiving of Data
Archiving offers the possibility to secure data in the long term. After archival you remove your data from disk which frees up space locally as well as on backup. Data in archives always exist twice: an original and a redundant. At the SCC, the data on magnetic tape is saved in several different tape libraries.

Daten (Speichern, Teilen, Verwalten)
Backup & Archive
This service provides data backup and long-term data storage (archiving) for all KIT employees.
Daten (Speichern, Teilen, Verwalten)
This service provides an organizational unit of the KIT (OE) with a highly available and central data repository. This is called the OU directory.
Daten (Speichern, Teilen, Verwalten)
This service provides every KIT employee with a KIT account with a high availability and central data repository for saving personal data and documents. In the following, this is also described as the **personal directory**.
The **personal directory** can **NOT** be shared with other users. It is independent of the OU affiliation of a KIT employee, i.e. the access does not change when the employee changes to another OU.
Daten (Speichern, Teilen, Verwalten)
The service "LSDF Online Storage" offers users of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology access to a data storage which is intended in particular for the storage of scientific measurement data and simulation results of data-intensive scientific disciplines. The LSDF Online Storage is operated by Steinbuch Centre for Computing. Access is ensured via standard protocols.

The data is backed up and protected in a state-of-the-art manner. The service is not suitable for storing personal data.

Daten (Speichern, Teilen, Verwalten)
Hosting von Oracle Datenbanken bzw. Applikationen
Daten (Speichern, Teilen, Verwalten)
The RDM@KIT service team sees itself as a partner of science and research. We support you at KIT with services for sustainable research data management, starting with the application of scientific projects up to publication and archiving.
Daten (Speichern, Teilen, Verwalten)
CPLEX, Origin Pro, SAS, SPSS
Daten (Speichern, Teilen, Verwalten)
Der Landesdienst bwDataArchive bietet eine Lösung zur langfristigen Datenarchivierung, die insbesondere für Beschäftigte von Universitäten und öffentlichen Forschungseinrichtungen aus Baden-Württemberg zur Verfügung gestellt wird. Die Datenarchivierung erfolgt am Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT) und umfasst eine verlässliche Speicherung auch großer Datenbestände für einen Zeitraum von zehn oder mehr Jahren. Der Dienst ermöglicht eine qualifizierte Umsetzung der Empfehlungen der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) zur Sicherung und Aufbewahrung von Forschungsdaten.
High Performance Computing
Rechner- und Projektionsinfrastruktur zur Visualisierung in wissenschaftlichen Projekten, wie z.B. die Analyse von Messdaten, Veranschaulichung von Computersimulationen im Bereich Computational Fluid Dynamics oder in der computergestützten Produktentwicklung am Campus Nord.