• Web Content Management

  • The SCC is running the web content management system Open Text Website Management (formerly RedDot) for websites of KIT institutions. The term Content Management System (CMS) describes systems that allow the separation of editorial content, i.e. texts and images, and their presentation in the form of a layout and navigation structure.

    The CMS Open Text Website Management enables easy creation and editing of web pages without programming knowledge and provides templates (standard frames) for this purpose. The templates can be changed in parts and thus form an individual appearance in KIT's corporate design.

Individual maintenance of websites

KIT websites should appear in the KIT corporate design. OpenText provides the basis for accessible websites with user-friendly page structures and an appealing contemporary design.

The SCC offers regular OpenText trainings. During 3.5 hours, you will learn to create and maintain your own customized KIT website. Please find the next training course under Events.

The websites can be stored and published on the web servers of the SCC. We currently run 5 servers coupled by a load balancer which garantees the operation of your web server (such as www.INST.kit.edu) fail-safe, including the possibility to run own scripts. Domain names are requested via the KNN .

For more information, please visit the KIT Web Site Managementinformation page.

Access to the editorial system is available at https://wsm.scc.kit.edu/cms/.