• Mailing lists KIT

  • This service is used by KIT employees and students to compile and administer their own mailing lists. These lists can be configured for different applications e.g., as moderated lists, discussion forums, or newsletters.


Mailing lists are lists of email addresses by means of which emails can be sent at a time to a specific group of recipients. A mailing list contains an arbitrary number of email addresses as members. The email that is sent to the address of the mailing list is automatically sent to all addresses entered provided that the sender is entitled to send the list or that the email has been released by one of the moderators.

The list operator can define the configuration of the lists individually and as required. Mailing lists can be made accessible to a closed group of users or to the public. Moreover, they can be used as discussion forums or distribution platforms (e.g. for newsletters) and, if necessary, be moderated.

The members of a mailing list can also be embedded dynamically from a remote source (LDAP list, SQL database, files on remote computers).

For each mailing list, an archive is made available. The list operator decides whether the archive shall be accessible to the listed members or the public.

Access to the Mailing Lists Service

Use of the service requires registration on the corresponding website.
After having registered using their email address, KIT employees and students can set up new mailing lists on their own.
The lists are activated after the list master has verified the observance of the rules and guidelines.

List Administration
Via the web access, the list operator can change the list configuration any time.

Spam Protection
All emails addressed to mailing lists are checked for their spam probability and are marked accordingly. Based on this marking, the list operator can determine own filter rules in the list configuration. One possible rule would be e.g., the automatic deletion of emails with high spam probability.

Antivirus Protection
All emails addressed to mailing lists are checked for viruses and treated. In spite of regular updating of the mailbox antivirus protection, absolute protection against all viruses cannot be ensured.

Customers are given technical advice on questions regarding the setup, configuration, and operation of the lists and are assisted with troubleshooting within the defined service hours.


Services Included

  • Release of new mailing lists, and deletion of mailing lists that are no longer needed
  • Index of the existing lists
  • Provision and storage of archives (currently unlimited)
  • Individual advice to the list operators and members
  • Troubleshooting

Not Included Services

  • Administration of individual mailing lists (list operator is responsible for configuration and member administration)
  • Support in matters regarding the content of mailing lists

Organizational Prerequisites

Requirements for using the mailing lists of KIT

  • At least one list owner must be member (employee/student) of the KIT. Staff of external organization are not eligible for this service.
  • The user must be registered in the identity management system (proof of personal identity).
  • For list administration, at least one list owner with a KIT email address must be registered.

Technical Prerequisites

  • Internet access
  • Email software
  • SCC-supported browser