• Wireless LAN at KIT (WLAN)

  • Access to Wireless-LAN (Intranet / Gastnetz des KIT / eduroam)

In the buildings and on the premises of KIT, SCC operates a WLAN in accordance with the common WLAN standards (802.1a/g/n/ac) for mobile communication to KIT network resources and into the internet. Via approximately 1800 WLAN access points, the data are transferred from the air into the fixed network. For access to the latter, three requirements must be met:

  1. Wifi coverage must be ensured at the access location, i.e. the wireless LAN networks mentioned below are radiated there.
  2. The user must be authorized to use the WLAN. (see general information)
  3. The mobile device must be WLAN-capable and be configured correctly. (see configuation)

Please note that in WLAN networks, server services must not be run and hence, establishing connections to systems in these networks is blocked.

Wireless network overview

The following Wifi networks are available at all locations of KIT:


The official Intranet for members of KIT.

Username: KIT-account[at]kit.edu
                     (e.g. ab1234[at]kit.edu or uxxxx[at]kit.edu)

The Authentification server (radius-wlan.scc.kit.edu) of KIT are signed under the T-TeleSec_GlobalRoot_Class_2 root certificate.

User with extended permissions can access institute network if enabled. Please consult with your ITB for details.

Username: KIT-account[at]vlan-name.w2v.kit.edu
                     (e.g. ab1234[at]vlan-name.w2v.kit.edu or uxxxx[at]vlan-name.w2v.kit.edu)


Eduroam offers memebers of all participating organizations of higher education secure access to the internet.
Access to KIT-internal ressources is not possible.
For more information please visit our eduroam service description page


Wi-Fi with WPA2-PSK authentication for IoT devices that do not support 802.1x authentication.
Each device receives its own passphrase. Credentials can be generated by ITBs in NETVS.

'KA-WLAN' (unsecured)

KA-WLAN is the open, city wide Wifi from INKA e.V. in cooperation with the city of Karlsruhe and KIT.
Guests of KIT can access the internet without any registration free of charge. Access to KIT-internal ressources is not possible.


The encrypted variant of KA-WLAN requires a free registration on the KA-WLAN self-service portal. Access to KIT-internal ressources is not possible.