• Websites for KIT facilities

  • Operation of an intranet/internet presence for organizational/service units of KIT.


For the operation of KIT websites (like www.oe.kit.edu, OE=organisation unit) virtual web servers are necessary, which are operated by the SCC in a fail-safe cluster. The virtual web servers are used to operate OE websites which were created with the OpenText Web Site Management Tool as well as to operate own applications. The Apache configuration can be extended and customized by owners. Login and upload options are available and the integration of own applications is possible.
For the operation of the sites generated by OpenText Web Site Management, booking of a virtual web server is mandatory (no third-party/own web servers are supported). For this operation, the use of the SCC file systems is also mandatory (i.e. no own NFS servers are supported).

Ordering virtual web servers

Ordering a CMS project

An OpenText project is necessary to create and maintain the website in the KIT corporate design. In addition, these projects provide connections to other KIT information systems.

Application for domain names

The central authority for the allocation of domain names is the Karlsruhe Names and Numbers (KNN). Via the KNN, subdomains like abc.kit.edu or second-level.domains are applied for.


Cancellation of the individual packages must be done by the IT representative/OE manager via mail to webmaster@kit.edu.


Consulting is provided via webmaster@kit.edu.

Included services

OpenText project

  • Access to KIT CMS OpenText with personal KIT account
  • Authorization of individual authors for different parts
  • Templates in KIT corporate design
  • Permanent provision and development of templates for integration for KIT systems and third party systems, such as:
    • Course catalog
    • Personal communication directory
    • Research information system for publications
    • Data protection compliant integration of social media elements
  • Own extensibility through PHP applications
  • Connection to common databases (MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL)
  • Secure operation incl. backup of project data
  • Regular training and introductory events
  • Conception consulting

Virtual web server

  • Access through SSH login to Linux based server
  • Individual adaptation and extension of Apache configuration
  • Access and authorization of additional users through Windows CIFS with KIT account
  • Secure operation
    • Backup of documents
    • Multiple redundant web servers with load balancing

Services not included

  • individual development of templates and web applications