Test suite to facilitate continuous integration, benchmarking, and delivery (CI/CB/CD) in ICON-ART development

  • Ansprechperson:

    Martina Klose, Jennifer Buchmüller, René Caspart

ICON-ART, the ICOsahedral Nonhydrostatic model with Aerosols and Reactive Trace gases, is a numerical weather prediction and climate modeling system developed jointly by several research institutions. It is used for research and operational weather forecasting. The ART module provides (gas-phase) chemistry, aerosol dynamics and related feedback processes. This module was initiated by and undergoes continuous development at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

The aim of the project TESSA (TESt Suite for ICON-ART) is to design and develop a test suite for ICON-ART that enables testing the model's source code at different levels, from single units of the code up to full end-to-end tests. For the ICON-ART community, the main benefit of this project is that it facilitates a more effective development process, eases the inclusion of new developments, and aids in workflow management. In addition, the project will help to guide towards ensuring a reproducibility of results and allow to assess performance implications during model development.

Figure: Icosahedral grid used in the ICON model with nested region over Europe

For NHR@KIT, this project serves as a example for efficiently utilizing the offered services and will provide valuable insights into the available services and into possibilities for extensions or improvements