INDIGO-DataCloud project: first public software release available

The INDIGO-DataCloud project is pleased to announce the general availability of its first public software release, codenamed MidnightBlue.

INDIGO MidnightBlue

In a nutshell, this first release includes 38 software products divided between Core Services and Applications. Core Services are then subdivided among Data Center Solutions, Data Solutions, Automated Solutions and User-level Solutions.

Overall, 208 RPM, DEBS and tarballs packages and about 40 Docker containers are available. All products support CentOS 7 and Ubuntu 14.04. For what regards Cloud Management Frameworks, OpenStack Liberty and OpenNebula 4.14 are supported.

At https://caifti.gitbooks.io/indigo-datacloud-releases/content/ you can find further information, documentation, installation and configuration guides for all the INDIGO MidnightBlue products.

Further information:

Das EU Projekt INDIGO entwickelt Lösungen für fehlende Komponenten in der aktuellen Grid und Cloud Middleware. Am SCC arbeitet das Team um Marcus Hardt an Komponenten für die föderierte Authentifizierung und Autorisierung (AAI) sowie an der Einbindung von Archivsystemen in das verteilte Datenmanagement.

Dr. Marcus Hardt