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  • KIT data storage (personal directory)

  • The personal directory is a highly available and central data storage for personal data and documents. The repository is available to all KIT employees, but cannot be shared with other users.
    The service KIT data storage (for students) is especially offered for students at KIT (see Links).


The directory is automatically created when the following path is first accessed:

  • \\home.
  • Thus, access does not change when employees move to another organizational unit.

Storage capacity, -type:

  • Directory size 10 GB
  • Storage capacity based on SATA Raid

Access rights:

  • Access of a KIT employee with a personal KIT account.
  • The personal directory cannot be shared with other users. Directories to be shared with other users must be set up under the OE directory.


  • Part of the basic IT equipment

Further documents and instructions

KIT data storage instructions

KIT data storage (for students)

Included services

  • Access for non-Windows computers only via CIFS protocol (no NFS, e.g. Linux users must use a CIFS client)
  • Access from outside only via VPN
  • Backup:
    • Integrated into the central (TSM) backup system of the SCC.
  • Restore:

*Timeframe Production: 30 single day versions are kept. Users can access these versions themselves and without significant delay to restore files. *Replication time frame: 7 individual daily versions are kept. Access to these versions is currently only possible with the support of the SCC/SYS. The first point of contact is the ITB/Oe-FS admin of the OU! He coordinates the recovery with the SCC/SYS. *For the disaster case, one full version per week is kept in the TSM backup (tapes) for a maximum period of 2 weeks. This backup is used for SCC internal operations only.

Services not included

NFSv3 access

Organizational requirements

KIT employees with KIT user account KIT account

Technical requirements

KIT account