• UP - User Portal for SAP applications

  • The User Portal (UP) provides SAP applications for KIT employees and is the successor to the SAP Web Portal.


News March 2023:

At the end of March 2023, more functions/apps will be released in UP:

  • AREB workstation (automated invoice receipt processing).
  • Recording of person days
  • Approval of person days
  • My leave requests (corresponds to the absences overview in the SAP web portal; among other things, for submitting absence requests).

With the exception of the AREB workstation, the functions/apps are also available in English. Please note that you will only be shown functions/apps in UP for which you have authorization. For more information on how to apply for permissions, please visit https://www.scc.kit.edu/dienste/12778.php.

News October 2022:

UP (https://up.scc.kit.edu/) will be available from November 2022 to all KIT employees who have been using ESS in the SAP web portal so far. There are currently three apps that can be accessed:

  • News: Current news about UP
  • My profile: view and maintain own data (e.g., addresses, bank details for remuneration statements, settings for sending information materials)
  • My certificates: Retrieve own certificates from payroll (pay slip, time slip, if available, income tax certification, report for social insurance).

Further apps will be made available step by step in UP. The SAP web portal can continue to be used as usual.

Service description

In UP (https://up.scc.kit.edu/), SAP applications are made available to KIT employees. It is the successor of the SAP web portal.

The functions available in UP will remain in the SAP web portal until further notice. Further apps for UP are in preparation and will be made available to users step by step.

Unlike the SAP Web Portal, UP is offered bilingually in German and English. For legal or technical reasons, however, individual functions (e.g., the certificates in the ESS, AREB workstation) are only available in German in the English UP as well.

UP can also be used with mobile devices via common web browsers.

Organizational requirements

UP is available to KIT employees (except auxiliary staff) via their KIT account and second factor (token).

The functionalities of ESS are automatically available to all employees without application. Authorizations for further functionalities have to be applied for (for application forms see https://www.scc.kit.edu/dienste/12778.php).

Technical requirements

UP can be accessed with common web browsers from the KIT network. From outside KIT a VPN connection is necessary.

The login is done with the KIT account and a token (two-factor authentication).

Help and documentation