Seminar "Sciences - Computing - Data - Mathematics (SCDM)"

Prof. Dr. Martin Frank

Location: Online/Hybrid Seminar via Microsoft Teams

Time: Wednesday, 11 a.m.

Archive: Seminars from the past can be found here.

Sommer Semester 2022

2022-05-04 Tobias Ribizel (SCC-FiNE)

Composable Solvers in the Ginkgo Library

2022-05-18 14:00(!) Mahfuja A Khuda (UNC Charlotte, USA)

Numerical analysis of a developing turbulent flow and conjugate heat transfer for molten salt and liquid sodium in a solar receiver

2022-05-25 Marie Houillon (IBT-CaMo)

Porting the openCARP cardiac electrophysiology framework to GPU architectures

2022-06-01 Gregor Olenik (SCC-FiNE)

Accelerating OpenFOAM simulations on GPUs

2022-06-15 Mehdi Roozmeh (SCC-SCM)

Automating and Scaling task-level Parallelism of Tightly Coupled Models via code Generation

2022-06-22 Hybrid Jasmin Hörter (SCC-SCM)

Harmonic Maps

2022-07-13 Hybrid Elnaz Azmi (SCC-D3A)

Approximation and Optimization of Environmental Simulations in High Spatio-Temporal Resolution using Machine Learning Methods

2022-07-20 Hybrid Ella Steins (RWTH Aachen)

Quantile Estimation for Transpiration Cooling