Seminar "Sciences - Computing - Data - Mathematics (SCDM)"

Prof. Dr. Martin Frank

Location: Online/Hybrid Seminar via Microsoft Teams

Time: Wednesday, 11 a.m.

Archive: Seminars from the past can be found here.

Winter Semester 2022/2023

Cory Hauck
(Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA)

A mathematical model of asynchronous data flow in parallel computers

Geri Ragghianti
(ICL, University of Tennessee, USA)

High Dimensionality Software Testing

2022-11-23 Emanuele Zangrando
(Gran Sasso Science Institute (GSSI), Italy)

Dynamical low-rank training of neural networks

CS 1.011/20.30 and Teams
Jae Yong Lee
(Center for AI and Natural Sciences at KIAS, Republic of Korea).

Two approaches using Deep Learning to solve partial differential equations