UP - Login, Start page, Settings


UP is available to all KIT employees (except auxiliary staff) via their KIT account and second factor (token). For details on the KIT account, see https://www.scc.kit.edu/dienste/kit-account.php. For setting up the two-factor authentication see. https://www.scc.kit.edu/dienste/2fa.php

It can only be accessed within the KIT intranet or from outside KIT via a VPN connection. For details about the VPN connection see here

UP is designed to be accessed with common web browsers. It can also be accessed from mobile devices, as long as they are in the KIT network or a VPN connection has been established.


The login page can be reached via https://up.scc.kit.edu/. On the login page there is the possibility to select the language for UP:

Click on "Anmelden" to access the German language version of UP.

With a click on "Login" the English language version of UP is called.

Afterwards you will be redirected to the Shibboleth login page. Enter your KIT account and password here. After that you will be asked to enter the second factor.

UP start page

After successful login you will see the UP start page or launchpad. Here you will find all applications (apps) for which you have permissions. These apps are sorted by groups (e.g. General, ESS/MSS). You can access the individual apps by clicking on the tile.

On the top left you will find navigation options in the Launchpad:

  • From the individual apps you can get back to the UP start page by clicking on the KIT logo or the home button.

  • In the apps you have the possibility to go back by clicking the button left to the logo.

  • You can also use the navigation to call up apps and return to the start page.

Please always sign out of UP and not just close the browser window. This is especially important if more than one person is working on the same device.

You can find the logout in the upper right corner by clicking on the button for your own profile and then "Sign Out".


In the start page you will find general options in the upper right corner:

  • Via the button for the own profile are called:

    • Recent activities/Frequently used: List of recently used and frequently used apps

    • App Finder: List of all available apps

    • Settings: The appearance, group display on the home page, and tracking of frequently used apps can be set here. Please note that the language setting cannot be changed here. Under Appearance, you can select "SAP High Contrast Black" theme optimized for accessibility.

    • Edit home page: Here you can edit the start page individually. This function is currently not available.

    • About: Technical information

    • Sign Out

  • Search: Here you can search for apps. Currently, however, all apps available to you are already displayed in the Launchpad.