McAfee Endpoint Security for Windows

Current version / Downloads

The current version with further information can be found at

Current executable virus definition (AmCoreDAT):

Supported platforms Endpoint Security

A current list can be found at

Installation note

As a general rule, any software installation can only be performed under an account with local administration rights. Furthermore, it is highly recommended to uninstall any existing antivirus software on the system beforehand and to restart the system afterwards.

If available, we strongly recommend that you install the latest patch. Patches help with compatibility issues and can improve scanning performance if necessary.

Unzip the ZIP file from the link above and run setupEP.exe as administrator with extended privileges. The new Endpoint Security software is modular. In addition to the basic module, which provides the general functions, there are currently three other licensed modules:

  • Firewall module
  • Web control module (special protection functions for supported web browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome)
  • Threat protection module

During the manual installation, the modules to be installed must be selected. It is recommended to install only the last two modules and deselect the firewall module.

After installation, the web control module must be allowed once when restarting a supported web browser. The web control module enables central blocking of dangerous websites (e.g. websites with malware or phishing sites).

Installation alternatives for Trellix/McAfee software

Installation via the central antivirus management system.

To install McAfee software on systems, it is sufficient to have the Trellix agent for the central antivirus management system (KIT version) installed on the system. Additional McAfee software can then be installed and managed through the Antivirus Management Console. Systems participating in the central anti-virus management system receive all relevant updates (newer virus definition files (DAT/AMCore files), hotfixes and patches) and version upgrades of the anti-virus software and other McAfee software automatically.
The antivirus software is installed automatically within one hour of the agent software installation, as long as the system is connected to the KIT network.

The SCC recommends this method of installing the antivirus software for KIT computer systems.

Standalone installation

The McAfee software (STAND ALONE version) can be installed on computer systems as standalone software without any dependencies on the central antivirus management system. Updates of virus definition files (DAT/AMCore files) are provided directly by the manufacturer. Software updates (hotfixes and patches as well as newer versions of the software) must be installed manually.