Internship with CAMMP

You like science? Then do your internship with CAMMP! 

With us you can choose the focus of your internship according to your own interests. You can choose from different areas

  • Engineering Sciences
  • Renewable energies
  • Climate
  • Medicine
  • Positioning
  • ...

select a problem and work on it extensively. This includes analysing, researching, writing code and thus producing results that help us to move forward.

You will work on CAMMP workshops during your internship. This means that you will first get to know mathematical modeling by working independently in one of the workshops. After that you can follow different steps, like improving or extending the material or creating help cards or even implementing the workshop in the GeoGebra program. If a CAMMP day takes place during this period, there is even the possibility to carry out the revised workshop as a supervisor.

In addition, you can have conversations with professors, research assistants and students and get an insight into their everyday life. Since the internship takes place either at the university (Campus South of KIT) or at the research center (Campus North of KIT), you have the additional possibility to attend lectures to see how they are held and to decide what interests and appeals to you. Furthermore, you will participate in discussions and working group meetings and, just like the others, you will talk about your own progress in research. You will also have the opportunity to visit the SCC's Super Computer.

Your working hours would be around 8:30 - 15:30, although these may be slightly later.

Do you want to do your internship with us? Then write us an email.