Dealing with fraudulent e-mails and SPAM

The SCC strives to continuously improve the central spam and fraudulent e-mail filter systems. You can contribute to this by reporting e-mails that you have found in your inbox and that you have identified as either spam or fraudulent e-mail.

The aim of the reporting procedure is to improve the central filters by the reported e-mails so that these types of e-mails are recognized by the central filter in future and are not delivered at all.

The notification itself is done in the mail client by moving the e-mail from the inbox to the folder "SPAM_KIT". To be able to see this folder in your mail client, you must log on to the SCC self-service portal for the reporting procedure.

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Support / Assistance:

If you have any questions about the SPAM_KIT folder, please contact your local IT representative or send an e-mail to beratung-itsec∂