ICSM - IT Security, Client and Service Management

Employees and students at KIT expect a functioning and secure IT working environment as well as transparent and orderly service processes for operation and support of applications and systems. ICSM supports the provision of secure and reliable IT services with IT security and service management. Together with the operations teams, the ICSM department continuously supports and improves the IT services of the entire SCC, among other things, by using "ITIL Service Management Best Practices". In this context, the SCC's service desk is the central point of contact and coordination for requests related to these services.

By means of a process-oriented client management system, ICSM centrally manages the ed-user devices for administrative organizational units of KIT; for institutes, ICSM provides further operating models.

Together with our partners in the organizational units, we design these IT processes in a cooperative way. The goal is to align the quality of IT services with the needs of the users and the available resources.

ICSM plans, tests and implements central IT security services at KIT. Together with the Information Security Officer (ISB), we develop an IT security strategy tailored for KIT. The IT security team assesses IT components, technologies, and procedures for use at KIT.