Decision support chat

Instant messaging is fast, informal, short and precise. During a presentation, questions can be asked or additions made in the parallel chat without disrupting the flow of the presentation. The chat can be supervised by a lecture assistant, making the chat function an important complement to video conferencing systems.

If you want to use chat as a communication channel independent of videoconferencing, make sure that your community is familiar with the tool and is aware of the chat communication.

Deployment scenarioToolAccess for external users1:1 communicationIntegration with OutlookNote

1:1 chat, chat in teams/groups, chat accompanying video conference

MS Teams

Considerrisk/protection of content
only during videoconferenceBigBlueButton or DFN-Conf

Considerrisk/need for protection of content

1:1 communication, predefined distribution lists, individual distribution lists, replies "to all"


Useencryption when sending sensitive data

predefined participants in open or moderated lists

Mailing lists

useencryption when sending sensitive data
Instant messaging with 1:1 communication, public and private chat roomsMatrix

Considerrisk/protection needs for content