Welcome to the CSMM Working Group

Computational Science and Mathematical Methods
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The research group Computational Science and Mathematical Methods (CSMM) under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Martin Frank is an interdisciplinary research group working on different challenges in mathematical modeling. The group brings together researchers from Scientific Computing and Mathematics (SCM/SCC), the Institute for Applied and Numeric Mathematics (IANM) as well as external partners from industry and academia (see Tab Network below). We are unified by our interest in method-oriented mathematics, in mathematical modeling inspired by applications, and in the didactics of mathematical modeling.

Our research focuses on bringing modern mathematical techniques such as modeling, simulation, optimization, inverse problems, uncertainty quantification, and machine learning/artificial intelligence into the real-world. Both by teaching them to students in schools and universities and by advancing the research in relevant fields of application. Furthermore, we take an interest in kinetic theory, developing models, numerical methods and software implementations and combining them with the aforementioned techniques.

Here on our website, you can follow our research activities, find information on our courses and courses offered, as well as find currently advertised positions and theses.