• Fixed network access

  • Devices with network connection in the network of KIT (KITnet) communicate via this service and can access the internet and intranet, guest network, and contractors’ network.

The fixed network of KIT is the basis for KIT’s IT supply. The user-side network connection is provided in the form of data sockets on the premises of KIT. From the technical point of view, the network is made up of floor, building and area distributors that are connected with each other via the core network. High-performance internet connections are provided for communication with external resources.

The service includes the connection of physical resources to the fixed network. Depending on the local circumstances, there are electrical interfaces (10/100/1000 Mbit/s as TP types) or optical interfaces (multimode glass fiber).


To activate a data socket please use the corresponding Patch-Request form on NETVS-Requests.

Changes or Cancellations:
Data socket changes or data socket deactivations are ordered as above.

IT Security

There are different types of security perimeters via which access authorizations are made available (intranet, guest network, and contractors’ network).  

Included Services

Access to network-related basic services such as the DNS name service, NTP time service, and others.

Employees‘ Access

Fixed network access for KIT employees.

Fixed Network Access