• Softwareshop at KIT SCC

  • The SCC has its own software shop for distributing the software to employees and students.

Softwareshop at KIT SCC

To provide KIT staff and students with the software of the campus licenses and other software packages, a separate online software store is operated. This store enables everyone to register in the store with his or her user ID and password and thus to access the available software in the easiest way.

The SCC provides a variety of software to guarantee the best possible research, education and teaching.

Students may order a maximum of 2 licenses per year for campus and state licenses, which are offered at a price of 0 €.

If you have any questions about the KIT SCC Software Shop or the ordering process, please contact the SCC Service Desk or send an email to shopsupport∂scc.kit.edu.

If you have any questions regarding the individual products, please contact the respective product manager.

The KIT SCC Software Shop can be found at https://kitscc.asknet.de/ .


Student view


Employee view


The actual selection of products in the store can be
differ from the selection shown in the pictures.

Organizational requirements

Login to the software store is only possible with a valid user account for KIT employees and students. The guest and partner status of a KIT account is not sufficient.