Frequently Asked WLAN Questions

If our WLAN FAQ have not answered your questions, then please feel free to contact wlan∂scc kit edu.

Poor or No WLAN Reception

At a particular access point, WLAN reception was good but suddenly, there is poor or no reception at all.

Please make sure that the data cable has not been unplugged from the access point, and plug in again, if necessary. If the data cable is plugged in but the LEDs at the access point are not illuminated, please check whether a power cable has been unplugged (there are access points that are supplied via the data cable i.e., hence not any access point has a power cable). If everything is in order but the WLAN nevertheless does not work, please do not hesitate to contact wlan∂scc kit edu.

WLAN Login

I am a student/I am employed at another university. How can I log in to the KIT WLAN?

If your university participates in eduroam, you can establish an internet connection via SSID eduroam. To do so, the SSID must be configured correctly on your system. Please proceed according to the instructions of your own university. Please make sure as well to attach e.g. (your university) to your user name. This information can also be obtained from your university.

On my Apple device (iPhone, iPad), the encrypted WLAN (KIT, eduroam) suddenly does not work anymore.

Please perform a forced restart of your iPhone/iPad (hardware reset) by pressing the sleep/wake and home buttons at a time for approximately ten seconds until the Apple logo appears on the screen. When reconnecting to the KIT WLAN, you are requested to accept the use of the Telekom certificate.

Mobile devices from Apple (iPhone, iPad)

On my apple-device (iPhone, iPad) the encrypted SSIDs (KIT, eduroam) suddenly don’t work at all

Please force a restart of your iPhone/iPad (hardware reset), by pressing the sleep/wake- + home button together for about 10 seconds until the apple-logo appears on the screen. When reconnecting you have to accept the Telekom certificate.

After upgrading to iOS 11, the WiFi no longer works

Delete the Wi-Fi configuration and set up the Wi-Fi again by using the configuration profiles provided by us.

Accessibility of servers from the wireless network

I can’t reach my server from the SSID “KIT”, but I can reach it from the SSID “eduroam”

Probably Docker or another virtualization environment is running on your server. Unfortunately especially Docker uses by default the same IPv4 subnet as is configured for “KIT” wireless network. Because of that the responses to the WLAN client are nowhere to be found. Just configure a subnet from for Docker and your server should be reachable from the wireless network at KIT.
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I cannot log in to KIT-IoT with my mobile device.

Modern mobile operating systems generate their own MAC addresses for each WLAN SSID. Check if you have entered the correct MAC address for KIT-IoT or disable the function for KIT-IoT. This is usually done in the SSID settings. On iOS the setting is called "Private WLAN address", on Android the setting can be found under the advanced settings of the SSID ("Random MAC" / "Phone MAC").