WLAN at KIT - General information

Persons entitled to use the WLAN at KIT

KIT Staff / Students

KIT staff and students as well as guest and partner accounts (GuP) can authenticate themselves through their KIT user account in the wireless networks KIT and eduroam. Please note that for wifi you always have to add @kit.edu  to your user account. Authentication with email address is not possible anymore in the WLAN at KIT. For staff members: here you can find out your user account ab1234: https://my.scc.kit.edu/shib/accountinformationen

Students: User account, e.g. uxxxx@kit.edu
Staff: User account, e.g. ab123@kit.edu
Guest & Partner (GuP): User account, e.g. ab1234@kit.edu
Wifi2Vlan: User account, e.g. ab1234@vlan-name.w2v.kit.edu

A particular feature of 802.1X (Anonymous/Outer Identity): If in your 802.1X settings (Linux / Android) you can indicate an anonymous or outer identity, please enter anonymous@kit edu.

Guests at KIT

Guests at KIT can authenticate themselves via various possibilities.

  • eduroam - if the home institution is participating
  • Wifi guest account - guests can obtain such an account by their host at the KIT. Authenticate with wlan123@gast.kit.edu in SSID KIT.
  • GuP account - can be used with wifi just like a staff or student account
  • KA-WLAN - unencrypted network that can be used without registration

WLAN Guest Accounts Self-Service

Enables the KIT IT representatives to set up temporary WLAN accounts for the guests at KIT. These accounts are valid for no more than two months and make guests eligible for internet access in the WLAN and LTA.

WLAN accounts for guests can be set up by IT representatives registered at SCC. Moreover, authorization for the establishment of WLAN guest accounts can be granted by IT representatives of organizational units to further persons via membership in the group <OE>-WLAN-Gast-Admin. The guest account enables access to the LTA (only in german) and the WLAN (SSID KIT) which ensure access to the Internet.  

Guests whose home institution participates in eduroam (only in german) do not need a guest account but can authenticate themselves in SSID eduroam by means of the account of their home institution. If you are a guest who needs a guest account, please contact your host.

The establishment of WLAN guest accounts is subject to the observance of the Regulations of Digital Information Processing and Communication – ICT.  Guests given a WLAN guest account must be advised of the ICT regulations. For the guests’ convenience, this document is also linked on the WLAN/LTA authentication site.

One account per guest must be set up if there are several guests. An account must not be used by several persons. Assignment of an account to a particular guest must be stored for up to seven days after the account validity has expired.

The guest is responsible for the proper handling of the WLAN guest account in accordance with the ICT regulations. If no one can be assigned to the account, the person who has established the account shall be responsible.

Website for creation of WLAN guest accounts 

Using this application, WLAN guest accounts with a maximum validity of two months can be set up. For longer-term guests and partners, please create a guest and partner account, which can also be used in the WLAN.